Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Daddy has had one of the best climbing seasons to date. All his hard work training, dieting and climbing has paid off with huge returns. Last week, he climbed his first ever 5.14! This is a pretty big deal in the climbing world and one of his life long goals. I don't know the exact number but very few people in the world reach this type of difficulty in climbing and crush it like he did!

The climb was called, God's Own Stone, at the Gold Coast Cliff in the Red River Gorge, KY. It's on one of the most beautiful cliffs in the whole area which adds even more to this awesome accomplishment. After testing it out for two days and working on specific movement and foot placements, he cruised up it making it look easy. The key was having the confidence in himself, breathing deeply and holding the holds just tightly enough to stick to the rock. It was so fun to see and I'm so proud of him.

On top of sending (climbing) his first 5.14, he also climbed a 5.13d called True Love, on-sighted his first 13.b called Table of Colors and in one day on-sighted three 5.13a's. I know there were numerous other climbs that he ticked off his list this season but there are too many to count!

We didn't get any photos of him on the climb but we did take a few after his big moment. You can see the red line in the back ground up the cliff. That's it!
Here's a close up. You can see the rope hanging down after he lowered off.

If you look closely below, you can see me in my orange jacket. It's a perfect place to climb with the kids. Lots of dirt and no cliffs to fall off. :)
Here's another view and check out that smile! This is one happy man!!! What he has on the back of his hands are little pieces of tape that say "HOLD" & "LOOSE" which were used during his climb to remind his brain not to over grip the holds. It worked!
What does a big climbing goal achieved earn in this house?


Axel did not want to miss any part of the celebration. His eyes did not leave that cake for more than a second at a time.
Lucas was right there too.
We tried to take a few photos of everyone looking at the camera but the cake was just to tempting.
Axel had enough of that, he was ready to eat this cake!
Finally Dad! Stop torturing us!! :)
It was so worth the wait and so delicious.
They dove right in of course.
Way to go Daddy! We are all so very proud of you.

Mommy, Lucas & Axel

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