Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Climbing

Here's a little cuteness I witnessed last week when Daddy came home from work. Axel was still under the weather a little but in good spirits and super happy to see Daddy.
The weather forecast predicted lots of rain and cold weather. This does not scare off Daddy, it challenges him. :) The forecast was correct, however, it was still climbable weather for the most part. We climbed at an area called the Darkside because it is super overhung keeping dry. Some water trickles from the top but the climbs we were on were dry. :)

Shaun working The Force 5.13a
Mike on-sighting (climbing it in one try the very first time from bottom to top) called Straight Outta Campton 5.13a.
You can see how steep this wall really is!
Lucas spent most of the time playing in the fine dusty, dirt trying to make a dust devil. It was entertaining for everyone.Axel spent lots of time in the dirt to but his goal was to bury Thomas & Henry train.The rain held off until mid-day Saturday but then it dumped and dumped and dumped all night long. We half wondered if the cabin was going to slide down the mountain side but it held on strong. During the rain storm, we drove to Kentucky's high point (forgot the camera) and ticked that off Mike's To Do List.

Here's what some of the walls looked like Sunday morning. WET! This wall is called Gold Coast and I think it's one of the most beautiful in the Red River Gorge.
This is a wall called Solar Collector. It has lots of moderate/fun routes with big huecos to climb into. You can see the waterfall on the right of the photo which is normally not there. You can also see the water stains running down the rock. Luckily, there were a few routes dry so we could warm up.
The day continued to get colder and colder...a whoppin' 37 degrees! IT WAS COLD! Axel was happy to sit by the heater most of time. We had warm oatmeal and hot cocoa for treats in this winter weather.
Here's Mommy working a climb called American Dream 5.12b.This was a result of cold fingers and frozen brain! :)
We were happy to get out!

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Amy said...

You guys rock! (I guess that can be figuratively and literally!) Seriously, so impressed!

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