Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One of our pet peeves climbing at the Red River Gorge, is the fine, moon-like, dusty dirt that our boys absolutely love. We understand that there is no way to stop them from getting dirty or playing in it. However, we constantly have to remind them not to kick it up in the air or on peoples climbing ropes or backpacks or people themselves.

It's tiring.

Sunday afternoon, Lucas decided to test us once again to see if our stance on the matter had changed or not. He likes to make dust devils or dust hurricanes which is totally fine in certain areas away from the climbers. He had a new plan in his brain (the "passion" angle) so he sat down in the dirtiest spot possible near everyone's climbing gear and started to kick up the dust.

Instantly, I asked him to move his operation to his "dust area."

This is what I heard after that...

Lucas: "Mom, dust is my passion. It's what I love. You don' think I can have a passion?! You don't think I love dust?! Fine! So I can never have a passion?!!!"

Mommy: "Lucas, you may play with dust where it does not hurt people or their stuff."

Lucas: "Oh great! So now my passion hurts people?! I can never have a passion!!"

Mommy: "Lucas, I am happy that you have a passion. However, I will not argue with you about this. You can be mad at me all you want but you will not be allowed to hurt others with your dust passion."

I have to admit, it was a nice angle to try and I could tell he had thought it through for the most part. Luckily for all of us, the boys favorite girls arrived to save the day and provide a little passion distraction!

Karissa getting Axel with a little tickle monster.I think Axel is in love and why wouldn't he be?!
Lucas being crazy with Rachel.
Lucas, Rachel and Jess...all smiles and no dust! Just how we (Mom&Dad) love it. :)
This is a funny photo that looks like it's upside down. It's actually taken from under the climbing wall looking up and out. This is just how steep the Darkside cliff is. If you look closely, you can see Karissa hanging out on the left side. Burly climbing!!!!
Here's a better photo of the rock which is really featured with pockets, crimps and side pulls.
As for that passion, I'm quiet sure Mommy didn't squish it and dust will once again be flying!


Kira said...

I followed a link from Erin Cobb to this post, and oh man it gave me the giggles. That passion story was the best. Sometimes I feel like my boys are using The Force on me, they are so crafty. Thanks for the laugh tonight as I'm on my way to bed :)

Edith said...

I too followed Erin's link - love the creativity of your sons!

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