Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lucas is discovering that Axel can be a lot of fun. Yes, he can be an annoying little brother too but that's part of being brothers right?!

Axel loves to tackle and wrestle. Lucas thinks it's pretty fun right now. It may not be as fun when Axel out weighs him. :)
On a side note, Axel received a book called Sticky Toffee Thomas. Both boys were very interested in what toffee was so we made some caramel apples the other day. Axel was excited but not quite sure what we were doing. He watched Lucas and jumped in himself.
Eating them was not as exciting. Axel loves apples and really didn't understand why we would put all this sticky toffee on them. About four hours later, he got brave and tried the caramel. I think he then realized that this sticky stuff was way better than the apples! I hope have haven't ruined him. :)

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Maile Fano said...

you are brave to make caramel apples. I would be so not happy about the mess that was all over the kids and the kitchen by the time it was done.

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