Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring time.

We spent another beautiful weekend in Kentucky climbing. It was truly spring this past weekend and we had a wonderful weather and an amazing time. The boys were super dirty which is always a good sign of fun.

Dirt, dirt and more dirt! The boys love Kentucky dirt and I'm sure my washer hates it. :)Big brother tickles too.
Crazy pose!If you look closely you might see a little climber...
That's our boy, Lucas got his climb on this weekend. He did great collecting M&M's all the way to the top!Lucas on his big slab climb looking from a different angle.
Lisa just moved to Ohio from Colorado so we took her for a little tour. The boys instantly fell in love. She is awesome and we had a wonderful time climbing with her. We hope she'll come back! Luckily, she loves kids and climbing so we have a chance of seeing her again. Thank Lisa! :)
Lucas and Axel were able to do some big swings at the Motherlode crag. This is one of the most impressive cliffs at the Red River Gorge. I wasn't sure how Axel would handle it but once Lucas went, he was in and had a blast!
See the cliff in the background? That is where one of Daddy's climbs went up...steep stuff!
Lucas wanted me to take a photo of his turtle shell. Of course, Axel wanted to be part of it all too.
This is the face of a boy who was not so happy that I asked him to share with his little brother. This was about 5 minutes before heading home after a great weekend and Lucas was tired.
Thanks for sharing Lucas, it made Axel's day!

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