Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter SUNDAY!

Easter had arrived and from the looks of things, so did the Easter Bunny. This year he put a little twist on things. I special note explaining that there would be a prize if the golden egg was found. Both Axel and Lucas received the note so we assumed there were 2 golden eggs to be found. The hunt was on but not before checking out our baskets
Real gold paint! Lucas was amazed!
Axel was amazed by the gooey surprise in his cadbury egg.
He wasn't so sure and let Mommy finish it. :)
Getting distracted with candy, the boys almost forgot about the big egg hunt.
Quickly, efforts were redirected and a certain 6 year old needed to be reminded that the eggs down low were for his little brother.
Axel, after finding the first egg, was happy to sit and eat.
He soon learned that he would miss out if he didn't hurry the eggs would be gone. He grabbed his basket and was off.
Lucas needed no basket.
After almost all the eggs were found, the golden eggs were still missing???
With talk about how these would be harder to find and a little help from Daddy, the first egg was found.
Next to the egg was a clue about where the prize would be hidden. Axel found his under his bed! It was a little robotic Lightning McQueen car.
It didn't take long for Lucas to find the 2nd golden egg...that sneaky bunny did a pretty good job!
He was psyched!
His clue lead him to the laundry room!
He could not believe that he got the Angry Birds board game. He's been saving his money for this for weeks!
We then shifted gears to the Easter events. We decided to go to Seaside for their 10,000 egg hunt. Daddy was gone the day before (bringing home a new car) so he was eager to cheer on his boys during the hunt. We got there early and played football and Frisbee. Axel has an arm!
So does Lucas and he can really put a great spin on that football.
We watched the egg handlers distribute their eggs.
And waited patiently....or tried too. Meanwhile, you could hear every parent brief their child on which technique would surely result in the most eggs. "Run past the close ones, down the hill and grab as many as possible!" :)
Axel was ready!
Or so we thought until he tripped out the gate and wanted nothing to do with the egg hunt. Mommy managed to grab a few for the basket so he wasn't without. Proof that a zillion egg hunts on Easter weekend was an over kill. However, now we know where to go and not to go next year.
He quickly recovered and it was back to Frisbee.
Wow! Mom was there too! Thanks for the photos Axel.
This photo was from Grandpa J. There are a number of little food stands all run out of Airstream Trailers. Grandpa J LOVES Airstreams!
We even took time to smell (touch) the flowers.
And check out the beautiful beach! What a gorgeous day it was.
We then decided to hit one more event at the Harborwalk in Destin. There was music, kids crafts and the Easter Bunny.
Daddy laughed at Mommy who struggled trying to hula-hoop. He quickly realized that he wasn't much better. :) Didn't help that they were bent and too small but point proven. If only I were quicker with the video camera!
We then headed home to relax and soak in all that sugar

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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