Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucas' Kindergarten Musical

Lucas and his classmates have been practicing for weeks. They were the stars of the Bluewater Elementary Musical: THREE NANNY GOATS GRUFF. Before the big performance, we would here tidbits here and there when Lucas sang various songs in the car. He was so excited for his big night when all eight kindergarten classes performed their musical.

His class was butterflies! Take not of his striped shirt, it will help you spot him in the other photos. :)
When the curtains opened, they were all dressed up and ready to go! Lucas is in the front row right in the middle of the stage.
Taking photos was a challenge so we did the best we could.
The little girl in black was the troll.
It was a wonderful performance full of cute songs telling the story. We met up with our star back in his classroom. His good friend, Ella, was their and ready for so silly photos.
Then we gave Mom and Dad a tour of the classroom while we chatted with his teacher. He so loves his teacher, Mrs. Webber. :)
Great job Lucas! We loved watching your musical!

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