Saturday, April 21, 2012

Florida Life...not too bad!

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's a helicopter!!!
Yep, we took the boys on a helicopter ride this week and it was AWESOME!!! They had no idea what was going on. We told them we wanted to do something different and "looking" at a helicopter was one idea we had. They were a little surprised when we started to take off!
 We had a great pilot who showed up the beautiful beaches of Destin, FL along with some dolphins, sharks, sting rays and a HUGE hammer head shark! Yes, don't go swimming at the beach between 3:30pm - 6:30pm because the sharks come out to eat. It was a little un-nerving to say the least but also very cool.

Lucas was not quite sure about taking off...

until he got the ear phones and radio!

As soon as we took off, he was loving it.

Axel was in love too!


Daddy was so excited about the Osprey airplane/helicopter!
Sting ray!

Axel was being a stinker because he wanted to go again.

Living in Florida has definitely been a different experience for us rock climbers. However, we are finally getting used to the place despite the humidity and yucky bugs. :)

One of our neighbors is a fisherman in Destin, FL. He as been so wonderful sharing fresh seafood with us and now we are spoiled. Yes, we have become seafood snobs! Just in the past week, we have had fresh-caught-that-day-sushi-quality-tuna, grouper, mackerel, 3 blue crabs and caught this morning shrimp! The tuna was some of the best fish we have ever eaten. The shrimp, probably the freshest most tender ever. It's truly amazing and to have it handed to us for free is just unbelievable. We are spoiled! I'm quite certain my cookies have won him over. He's hooked! So are we! :)

Shrimp caught this morning in the gulf and hand delivered.
Freshly caught, marinaded and seared to perfection tuna.

Luckily for us, the boys really don't care about the seafood. They do enjoy getting cozy on the couch.

And hanging out with Dad. Axel is addicted to Mike and wants to spend every minute with him. It's really cute to watch. He was so proud to be wearing the same pants as Daddy and sitting just like him too.

Lucas, Betsy, Sarah & Axel being nutty!
Living in Floria has not stopped us from traveling to see dear friends. I'm not sure what's going on with Lucas and Sarah (yellow tank top) but this was taken late Sunday after an entire weekend hanging out with the Cobb's. Lucas and Sarah, who have been friends since birth, had decided Saturday night that they would get married the next day. Rings had been picked out, plans had been made and even the perfect kiss practiced. Sunday morning, not one peep about the big wedding. We had to ask. They decided that they were too young to get married and called it off. Phew! We weren't ready either. We did have a wonderful weekend building card board arcades, running a race for Children's Advocacy, watching movies, scooter riding, sprinkler time and so much more packed into a few days in Huntsville, AL. Thank you Cobb's! What a treat to spend such a great weekend together.

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