Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part Five: Day Hike - Lake Louise

We wanted to get out of Lander for a day and do a little exploring. We headed out towards the Dubois, WY and found a wonderful hike and delicious pizza at a place called Paya downtown.

Lake Louise, Wyoming: 8,600 ft, 4.4 miles round trip
After a 10 mile or so dirt road drive, we found the trail head and headed out. Little did we know that this would be one of our new favorite day hike spots. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Lucas & Mike happy to be in the mountains again.

Axel and Mommy were super happy too....although Axel looks a little uncertain at this point.
The hike went through so many twists and turns and wonderful little tree groves and rocky out crops.
We even found this big wasp nest!
We had to stop for a little snack to take in the view...
of Lake Louise!

Great spot to take a break and remember how much we love the mountains.
Lucas had his sprayer so he was happy. This little trooper did the WHOLE hike by himself. We were very impressed with his hiking skills.
I thought it was the perfect spot to get a photo of the boys together and to my surprise, Lucas wanted to cooperate. It started off so well...
Then Axel heard, "CCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEE!" over and over and over and it REALLY scared him...
and I was able to get the cutest sad face photo ever! I love it and after some big hugs he was a happy boy again.
Then, it was back to the car with a little side trip to the waterfall.

Awesome day!!

Still to come:
Part Six: Daddy in the Wind River Range
Part Seven: Day at the Grand Tetons
Part Eight: Quick Colorado Springs Trip
Part Nine: Home Sweet Home

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