Saturday, October 31, 2009

Part Eight: Darcy & Dave's House

After a wonderful day in the Tetons, the boys and I headed back to Colorado to visit Grandma & Grandpa J again. We had a few other things on our To-Do List like getting a Slurpee, going to the BIG REI in downtown Denver and meeting up with our dear friends, Darcy & Dave. Daddy had more climbing plans with Mr. Steve so we left him car-less, kid-less, and wife-less for a few days but we sure did miss him.

When we were downtown Denver at Confluence Park, I found out that Darcy & Dave were home so we decided to make the extra trip to Colorado Spring (Manitou Springs) to see the Hurlberts! It was well worth the drive and such a treat to spend the night with dear friends. We had a blast! It did make me a sad that we couldn't see all our CS friends...we'll have to make a special (longer) trip next time.

Just for a little break down...Darcy and I have known each other our entire lives. Our parents were friends before we were thought of and since being infants...we've been friends. I love this girl! Now, I love this girl and her husband and her, Little B, who she is waiting to adopt, oh, and the puppies to of course!

Lucas is also in love....every since he can remember, he's loved Mrs. Darc!
He does not really love dogs. However, he liked being the center of attention and control with his cereal in hand. Great dogs help ease the fear too.
Axel loved all the new toys to explore.
We built a fort...And made cookies...
And got to learn ALL about the espresso machine. Lucas & Dave made yummy, yummy Lattes.
Darcy & Dave are expecting to bring home Little B early 2010. It's been quite the journey and you can read more about it here: Darcy & Dave's Adoption Journey.

There was a lot of talk about adoption which brought up the question from Lucas, "What's adoption Mommy?" We explained the best we could and without missing a beat, Lucas turned to Darcy and said, "Darcy do you want to be Axel's Mommy?" Darcy about died the rest of us. Lucas was trying to get rid of Axel and this seemed to be perfect in his mind...helps out me...helps out her. Perfect! Little stinker bug!
There was a little jealousy in the house. Check out Wallace in the back ground...he was not too sure about these little critters taking all his Mommy's attention away from him. What a great pup but a pouter too. So cute!
Nice try Lucas but sorry, Axel is coming home with us. :)

Here's my girl Darcy!Then, it was off to the Garden of the Gods for a quick hike and a quick trip to the old neighborhood. Our house looks amazing, we have such wonderful renters and neighbors and yes, we miss Colorado.
Thank you Darcy & Dave! We love and miss you and can't wait to meet Little B! :)

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