Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part Four: Our Home Away From Home

Lander, WY: Our home away from home! Steve & Ellen know some good Lander folks who let us use their RV. It was AWESOME and perfect for our family and all our stuff.
This is where Axel learned all about standing up and seeing the world.
It was a cozy place to hang out too. Here the boys are watching YouTube entertainment! (Uncle Mark, Uncle Bill, Daddy & Lucas)
Ellen & Steve also opened up there home to us and we were so thankful. It was nice to have warm showers and a great kitchen for meals and wonderful company. :) Not too mention just how cute this place is!They recently moved into this new home which is BEAUTIFUL!!!Lander has a wonderful city park we visited on numerous occasions. Sam & Ellen joined us this day.
Mr. Sam Bechtel...what a ham!
Axel snoozing at the park.Our dear friend, Grace, made the long drive from Palisade, CO with delicious Palisade peaches and pears and other treats. It was so awesome to see her. We spent a wonderful weekend relaxing, catching up and of course, making Dirt Soup. Lucas LOVES Grace and her undivided attention for most of the weekend. Making Dirt Soup started back in Colorado and has developed over the years to include recipes now. It was fun to watch Lucas and Grace together. She sure is a special and a dear, dear friend. Thanks for making the trip Grace and thank you for the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin."
Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark made few trips to Lander to join in on the fun. This picture was taken on one of our "rest" days or also known as "non-climbing days"...there's no such thing as real rest days if your in this Anderson family. (I learned this hard truth long, long ago) Lucas climbed all the way to the top of the boulder. Big stuff!
Before Sam was born, we bought a cute little baby outfit fit for the adventures he would have. We had no idea if Sam was a boy or girl at that time but he got lots of use out of this cute little outfit. Axel had no problem with the slightly girly color and wore this most of the time to keep warm. It was perfect. Thanks Sam for sharing!Most of our time in Lander was spent outside climbing at Wild Iris or Sinks Canyon. Here is a view of one of the climbing walls at Wild Iris somewhere around 9,000+ feet elevation. The colors were just beginning to change and the long hike got easier and easier the more we did it.
These next photos were taken during our trip but not all on the same day. Here's our life at the climbing crag...

Daddy, Lucas & Axel. If you notice Lucas' face, he's not real excited about whatever Axel is going. We call this his "mean" face and know to watch his every move when his "mean" face is out.
Mike's youngest brother made it out for a weekend too. Uncle Bill is in the Air Force and stationed at Nellis AFB, NV. It was a long haul for him but it was great to spend a few days catching up and doing a little climbing together.
Mommy & Axel...what a little peanut!
Uncle Mark lent a helping hand too!
Lucas loves to swing but every once in awhile we can convince him to actually try climbing.
And look at this, Mommy even got to climb!
Daddy did too!
All this climbing would not be possible without the help of family & friends! Here Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark are trying to teach Lucas how to do jumping jacks...I think he's clearing the landing area in this photo.

The trip would not be complete without some awesome swings. Sinks Canyon is a perfect place for HUGE swings which Lucas LOVES. This kid has no fear when it comes to swinging. He loves to pretend he's a bird, plane and parachutist. It's really fun to see and a little scary too.

Click Here
to see him in action.
One day we hiked in after a little first season snow. Working fast, Lucas and Daddy made snowman before everything melted. There was even some snowballs flying that morning. It started chilly but warmed up nicely in the afternoon.
Who are the crazy people who allowed The Anderson's to invade their home and bring in family and friends along the way? Ellen, Sam & Steve Bechtel!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!
Coming soon...Daddy's Weekend Adventures, Wyoming Hikes, Darcy & Dave's House and a few extras. Yes, it was LONG trip!!

I'm trying to get these finished up so I can keep everyone updated on the latest and greatest here in Dayton. Fall is my favorite so I don't want to miss anything. :)


Amy said...

You guys are awesome! I love all the pictures and get tired just reading about all you did. Such a great trip seeing so much family and so many friends. I'm super impressed with how well the kids do and Lucas' swinging in AMAZING!

Connie said...

Hey, I loved the RV story--not just for old people! Of course, the cool points are lost, but the warm soft comfy bed and the indoor potty make up for it!

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