Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Part Two: Grandma & Grandpa J & Uncle Micah

After a few days with the Anderson side of the family it was time to get everyone together for a big family dinner. We all meet in Golden, CO for a little food and birthday celebration for Lucas. What a treat it was....better than my photos reflect...sorry I missed a few folks.

Mandy, Uncle Micah, Grandpa J, Axel, Lucas & Grandma J
Uncle Mark & Aunt cute!
Micah & Mandy...Oh, you two are so cute too!
We sang Happy Birthday to Lucas and Uncle Micah gave him a few gifts: ice cream scoop he has wanted for months and a Lego Cement Truck. HUGE HIT!!! Nice work Uncle Micah!
Axel & Grandma J
Lucas & Grandma A
Then it was off to Grandma & Grandpa J's house. These next photos I just love. Axel was taking a bath and discovered another little baby, then proceeded to flirt with the cute little baby...

The Discovery:
Checking this baby out:
Oh, Mom...that's a cute baby in there! (My flirt fingers)
So excited!
And while we are talking about Axel, here is a quick update: two teeth, learned how to crawl last month (getting faster everyday), pulls to a standing position on anything possible, loves the DVR & VCR, just now interested in eating real food. He's living up to his middle name! Mr. Adventure

We spent a great week hiking, going to various parks and visiting with family and friends. We also had a few things on Lucas' To Do List which included:
1. Going to REI
2. Getting a Slurpee at 7 Eleven (there are no 7 Elevens in Ohip)
3. Go to the "Train Park"
Don't worry, we checked them all off a few times!

Here are some park photos.
Axel loves to swing in his little boat.
Check this out, a shaded sand was AWESOME! We met up with a high school friend of mine, Erin Hufford, who has three youngsters. It was fun to catch up her and her family. Thanks Erin!
Lucas, Brenna and Brody
Then to the Loveland Train Park. This is a great little train you can ride for 75 cents a ticket. It's perfect for young kids.
Lucas wanted to sit in the cattle car.
Mommy & Axel opted for the open air car.
It's so cute!
We even had the chance to talk to the Engineer and ring the bell.
So, Axel loves the water but this time we just did the mini-bath. Don't forget to brush those two teeth of yours.Grandpa love!
Coming soon...Part Three: Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

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Susie said...

An ice cream scoop! When's the ice cream social, Lucas??!

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