Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update Needed: Axel is 8 Months Old

I need to take a little break from vacation posts because you all are missing out on this little man taking off. He learned to crawl on our trip (7months) and now Axel is standing, pulling up and climbing on EVERYTHING possible. He's also finally interested in food and loves his high chair. Today he chased banana pieces around and boy do those get slimy and hard to catch. He loves his puffs too! It amazes me how fast babies learn things and how fast it changes the dynamics of our house. Axel is trouble but super cute trouble. :) I still think we will keep him. Miss you all.

The one legged crawl at my parents house. More practice.
And he's off down the sidewalk in Dayton.
He got stuck on top of his box tonight and was NOT happy about it.
Before getting stuck, he had to meet the Witch.
Puff practice.
Using those pinchers.
Mmmm...so tasty!
Trouble at it again...
Notice the gate? Yep, Mommy covered up the DVD player, VCR and DVR...mean Mommy!
That's our "baby" boy these days.

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Phil and Dana said...

He's still got those cheeks! Love it.

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