Saturday, October 17, 2009

Part Three: Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

Another road trip you ask? Why...YES! (We are truly nuts!)

Back in the car. "No worries Mom, we're used to this...just wake me up when we get there."
Good thing we are NUTS! because we had a wonderful time. My parents invited us to join them on a National Park Whirlwind Weekend while Mike was climbing with his old crew in Lander, WY. We set off early Saturday morning and trucked across Wyoming to the Fossil Butte (near the Idaho/Wyoming border.
Some fossils.
Happy to be out of the car and with Grandma.
And Mommy too!
I even caught this one for a quick photo.
Here's a close up of a fun activity you can do in the car with Bling. Stickers are awesome!!
Grandpa givin' and gettin' a little love too.
That night, we drove to Logan, UT and had my most favorite dinner ever: Cafe Rio Sweet Pork! I about crapped myself when I saw one in Logan on the way to the hotel. It is SO DELICIOUS and so MISSED! Mike was going to be jealous...I had to call him to make sure to rub it in a little. hehehehe. :)

The next morning we were off to Golden Spike National Park.
"May 10, 1869 the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails at Promontory Summit. Golden Spike National Historic Site commemorates this incredible accomplishment of this nation's first transcontinental railroad."
The had a reenactment too which was the best part!
Beautiful locomotives! Grandpa J was in love. :)
We tried for a quick group shot...horrible lighting but o'well.
Then, we were off to Snowbird, UT. The place where Mike and I were married (7 yrs ago today!) and spent many hours hiking, climbing and skiing. It's located in Little Cottonwood our favorite spots!

Snowbird was hosting an Octoberfest so we joined in on the fun and the beer.
We even panned for a little Gold!
Here's Axel watching the action.
Lucas in the middle of the action.
We took a tram that a smile?!and here we are at 11,000+ feet. (We flat-landers made it to the top!) It was a BEAUTIFUL day! We wish Daddy was here...miss you Daddy!
We even had the chance to meet up with my dear friend, Wendy and her son Tyler. Here Axel is getting to meet Wendy for the first time.
That evening we spent some time at Wendy's home and then back to the hotel for some zzzz's. The next morning we headed to American Fork Canyon to see Timpanogos Cave...a 3.5 mile round trip, up 1200ft of elevation gain. Lucas did it all by himself (so did Grandma! Way to go Grandma, you made it look easy!) :)
Hiking up, up, up!
View of our favorite canyon.
Taking a little break.
We made it!
The cave was really cool to see. You hike through it horizontally and go into numerous different rooms. Worth a trip up if you're ever in the area.

Inside one of the cave rooms.
Mommy photo but nope, Lucas didn't get the free ride, only Axel this time. :)
Down, down, down.
What an awesome day!!
After the cave hike, it was back to Cafe Rio. This time, I was nice and ordered some for Mike to take all the way back to Colorado. Boy, I got some "AWESOME WIFE" points doing that!

Thanks for a wonderful Grandma & Grandpa J. It was A LOT of driving but well worth it. We had tons of fun and now have a whole bunch of memories to add to our memory bank.

We love you!


Amy said...

What a great trip! That's such a cool part of the country. . . we just came through Dinosaur Natl Monument and up through Flaming Gorge, WY and the Tetons. Just gorgeous! Your boys are such troopers, too. Looks like they did great in the car!

And I LOVE those photos that you also posted on the sidebar (you with your boys and Lucas with the bling!)

Maile Fano said...

Lookd like you had some fun! You could have called and we would have fed you some dinner or something! I haen't even been to Timp Caves yet. Can't imagine taking 4 little ones. I would do it though, if Cliff would.

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