Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Boys!

It has been cold this January so we have been trying to stay busy with playdates, preschool, the children museum, the Air Force Museum, the climbing gym, crafts at home (of course), baking and bundled up walks in the chocolate too! We are embracing Winter but very excited to get back into our climbing routine this Spring! Here's a glimpse of what the boys have been doing.

Bowling Day!
Last Friday, Lucas went bowling with his class. My dear friend, Katie, took care of Axel so I could help out and join in on the fun. We had a blast! Thank you Katie!
It was so fun to watch the kids interact with each other. What a treat to spend the morning with Lucas and his buddies.Here's his entire class and teacher, Mrs.Crum.
The Air Force museum is truly a life saver on cold, cold days. There is so much to see and learn. We love it. Here the boys are watching the B-2 promotional video...
Axel was ALL about the cockpits. So many buttons & toggles at his finger tips.
Lucas still loves the airplanes too and I think he would sit in the cockpit all day if I would let him...serious stuff!
Pizza night! Axel LOVES pizza and is wearing half of it. A large pizza doesn't go as far as is used too. What are we going to do when they are teenagers?!

Here he is walking! Axel's getting pretty good at this whole walking thing.
Lucas was in rare form and wanted some camera time too and check out that cute new shirt from Grandma & Grandpa J.
Axel realized the camera case was he comes! (Pizza face!)
But wait, his other favorite "toy"...THE CELL PHONE! I have to take the battery out now because he figured out how to turn it on. Little stinker bug!
He'll put the cell phone down for the lawn mower but makes sure it stays close by. The cell phone and TV remote are definitely his favorites around the house and he's an eagle eye for them. We are running out of hiding places.
Look who came in for a cute photo! :) Do you see how blessed we are?!! I love these boys so, so much!
Axel on the go again. He loves spinning the entire rocking chair around in a big circle. He just laughs and laughs.
And then he's off...What else can I get or get into? Maybe I'll go empty another drawer or cupboard!
Just a glimpse. :)


MrsKBJ said...

So cute! Axel is doing great with his waIking! I am looking forward to our next play date! See you next week! :)

Phil and Dana said...

What a great walker! Love seeing the brothers together - what fun. Adam loves my cell phone too...sorry in advance for any early morning calls you get :)

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