Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Day Escapes

After going to the Children Museum and seeing Lucas' interest in the Solar System we just had to do a fun craft. We built our very own solar system via styrofoam balls and wood dowels. I'll have to take a photo of the final product which turned out super cute.
Book club! We just read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and had a wonderful time here at our house enjoying drinks, dessert (Chocolate Ganache Cake) and girl talk...oh yeah, the book too! :) Definitely a recommended read if you need a good book.
Most girls hid from the camera but I caught a few of them.
Heidi & Susie.Dana & Susan.
Dana, we hope your eye surgery goes super great! However, we still love your cute frames!For MLK weekend, we headed back to Chattanooga for some more climbing. Here's a few photos that shows Little Rock City...literally a forest full of fun rocks to climb on.
Cool trees too.
Daddy with the crash pads.
Daddy getting ready to climb while Lucas makes movies.
Axel checking out the bouldering scene just below my favorite boulder. I think it looks like elephant skin.
When not making movies, Lucas keeps himself occupied out in the forest...this day, he was a leaf shredder!
Axel taking a little break.
Hotel fun...BIG SCARY BEAR!
Rainy day = Rest day. We headed to Lookout Mountain for a hike but it was super rainy. We decided to go check out Point Park (Part of the Nat'l Park) but the view was a little foggy. We'll have to go back on a clear day.

Lucas getting his stamps.
One amazing painting which takes up the entire wall. I should have had someone stand there to show just how big this thing is.
The entrance to Point Park.
We were all ready to go in our rain coats...just look at this excitement! :)
Daddy & Lucas.
Mommy & Axel.
We then headed to the Children Museum and finally a quick hike before having dinner with our friends. Not bad for a rainy day. Monday was beautiful so we headed back to Little Rock City before driving home. A full day sunshine was definitely welcome and needed. It was a great weekend!

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Amy said...

Book Club! So fun to see Heidi on here. . . I forgot she and Eric were in Dayton. That cake looks so yummy and I'll have to check out that book. And I'd also love to see one of Lucas's movies. I'm sure it rocks with Mommy & Daddy as the stars! ;-)

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