Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eleven Months Old!

Axel is 11 months old today and one month away from his first birthday...WOW!

To celebrate the big day, he took three steps across the room and is figuring out the whole balance thing on two feet. In a week or so, we will have another walking Anderson! How will I get anything done?! :)

Some more about our big boy...
Two more top teeth busted through for a grand total of six and he has the cutest little gap ever...I love it. Axel is super happy and just squeals with delight when doors open or we head up or down the stairs. He likes to tickle toes too which Grandma J would hate. :) Growing hair is not a priority which keeps him looking like a sweet babe. He's got his Mamas Gerber baby look and my brown eyes but still has Daddy's features too.

Axel is all about buttons, remotes, the laptop, appliances, opening (slamming) cupboards, digging in baskets, drawers, boxes and anything else which holds little treasures. As I clean, he takes out things and there is a little trail left behind. Axel keeps us busy and LOVES his brother. He's now imitating sounds Lucas makes and his first real word is "hot." He is also getting the hang of his sign language and can sign "all done," "fan" and "light." We are so proud. He has a few of his own that we haven't figured out yet. :) Rough housing and wrestling are getting more and more fun which keeps him laughing...well, until Lucas tries to steam roll him.

Eating is no longer an issue, although, he totally prefers fruits and carbs to veggies and protein. I'm not too worried, he's still nursing and gets more than enough calories...he has fat rolls to prove it. His nickname is "Cheeks" and he wears them proudly. What a ham for sure and a total flirt. We can't go anywhere without ladies stopping by and Axel getting into his flirt pose...tilt of the head, chin down and fingers inserted in mouth. It's precious and I need to capture it on film!

Without further ado, I bring to you... AXEL ADVENTURE!

Mr. Brown Eyes, not so happy about the too tight snowsuit.
New toys are the coolest.
Climbing at Little Rock City in Chattanooga, TN on New Years Day.
Rochambeau with Daddy and Lucas.
So tired at lunch yesterday.
January storm has brought lots of snow and lots of sledding.
He's a little worried I think.
One happy boy!
We love you so much Axel. You are truly a blessing to our family! Big hugs and lots of love. Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother Lucas

Don't worry, more Christmas photos coming soon...and yes, there is an end to them eventually. :)

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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