Monday, January 4, 2010

The Days Before Christmas

We got back from the ranch and then the preparations began. Axel helped Grandma unload the cooler. The rest of the family was about to arrive.
Oh fun, an ice cube!
Wrestle time with Daddy!
Axel had no trouble finding the tree...again and again and again!
Hmmm...what's next?! Stinker bug.Sword fighting and wrestling are pretty big in our house these days. I can only imagine the craziness in a few years when the boys are even bigger. :)
Daddy time for Axel...don't you just love those PJ's!
Aunt Christina, Grandma & Lucas getting ready to decorate more tasty!
Grandma & Lucas are pros at this whole decorating thing. Lucas had to make sure every cookie had each color of sprinkles on it. :)
Mommy, Axel & Lucas all taking part of the fun.
Uncle Bill & Uncle Eric decorating the cookies too.
Here's Cousin Marcus. He was born last September and has the biggest blue eyes. Mike's sister, Aunt Christina and Uncle Eric now live in Hawaii. Not a bad place to be a baby.
Happy baby!
Grandma and Marcus.
Uncle Eric & Baby Marcus
Cousin Henry (4.5 yrs old) and Lucas' new buddy.
Axel and Cousin Duncan (16 months old).
Oh the COOKIES! Grandma makes a million Christmas cookies and they are all wonderfully delicious. Not only that, they are set out staring at you ALL day long...taunting and teasing until you eat them. Henry and Lucas at the opening ceremony. :)
Lucas showing off his hard work.
Time with Aunt Kate...see the drool? Yes, two more teeth are coming in...6 total!
Guitar Hero with Uncle Mark, Henry, Lucas & Daddy
Axel getting to know Henry & Uncle Dan
And also Aunt Jen.
Christmas movies with Henry.
Mickey Mouse and friends.
Christmas Eve dinner.
Oh,'s not that horrible. hehehe!
There's the Holiday Cheer!

Daddy was sick with a fever but we kept him company.
Opening one present on Christmas Eve...
Duncan was more into the camera and his fingers.
Look at this excitement...too fun!
Axel got some PJ's too.
and a big...he obviously loved his new bib.
Grandpa A reading, "The Night Before Christmas" to two excited BIG boys!
More to come...we are getting there. :) We took a little trip to Chattanooga, TN to celebrate the New Year so again, I'm behind a little. Please forgive me. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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