Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle & Mr. Cobb

Today was Nursery Rhyme Day at preschool and Lucas decided on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He worked for over an hour yesterday cutting out stars and adding pipe cleaners to make his star crown. We had a blast and almost everything came from his vision. Pretty cool if you ask me. :)

Here's the you can see, the paper stars had a rough time at school. Next time, we'll have to buy more yellow foam.
Here's the back with a red shooting star made by Lucas...a very fast shooting star that is!
Safety pins and the stapler were quick, easy and definitely a highlight in the whole process. Mommy had fun with the felt too.
He was very proud to show of his work!
Last night we had a visitor: Miss Sarah Cobb's Daddy, Brent, was in town and came over to spend the evening with us. Lucas was very excited and the instant Brent walked in, Lucas started running laps showing off his never-ending energy storage. Then the balls came out and then the camera. I haven't seen Lucas this excited about getting his photo taken in a long time. As you can see, he's already trying to get in good with Sarah's boy! Lucas secretly loves Sarah Cobb and gets bashful when we mention her name. :) If you click here, you'll understand why, she's beautiful!
Axel didn't want to miss out either.
Then, our little photographer was all about capturing the evening...Enjoy!
Notice the little orange drawing hung up by Axel's photo? That is Lucas' birthday wish list! We love it and it needs to be framed one of these days but not yet, he adds to it daily.

See those great 8x10 photos?! They were taken by Erin Cobb...Miss Sarah Cobb's Mommy who is an amazing photographer. You can check out her work here: Erin Cobb Photography picture of Axel?!?!?! No surprises there. Lucas is not real excited about Axel these days. Now that he can walk and get into everything Lucas is doing doesn't help. Oh, to be a big's hard work!

We had a wonderful evening with Brent and were really happy he could join us for dinner. Mike has very few friends outside the climbing world but Brent is definitely one guy he enjoys hanging out with and chatting about life. It was fun to see...other-than-climbing-talk! heehhehhe. Thanks Brent, you and your family are always welcome!

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