Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in Ohio

After recovering from our red-eye flight home (not recommended with sleep, parents don't = hard day for everyone), we opened up our presents from the Jakulewicz/Scherman side of the family.

More Legos and believe me, they are always welcome in this house.
Mr. Tears even found a smile once we got him involved in unwrapping. The tears?! Not sure, I probably wasn't fast enough getting him started.
He loves his new octopus bath toys. So many new things to chew on. :)
Lucas was a pro at this opening presents thing. Look at that, more Legos!
And a sweet Science Kit!!
The chaos!
Mommy got her very favorite Penzey delish!
Axel loves Penzey's too!
Daddy was busy with his origami post-it-notes.There was no was time to check out the Science Kit. It's awesome! It teaches all about mixing colors and growing crystals...I think Daddy & Mommy love it just as much!
Later on, it was Lego time and I was told by Lucas that no girls were allowed in the dinning room. This was a BOY project. Too cute. Thank you so much Grandma J, Grandpa J, Uncle Eric, Uncle Brian & Uncle Micah. Oh, not pictured is the GPS which has already come in handy! We love it, we love all the thoughtful gifts from everyone. Thank you. Lots of love. JMLA

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Amy said...

I've been behind in blog checking, but am so happy to check in on you guys. Axel is SOOOO adorable! And walking already, too! I can see more and more of Lucas in him, but he's definitely his own boy. I love him all bundled up in that snow suit! I so wish we could get together with our boys. I know they'd have a blast with each other. . . Hayden & Lucas and Ben & Axel. Sigh. Maybe a few years down the road we'll be reunited! Loved all your Christmas pics, too!

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