Monday, May 3, 2010

Axel at 15 months

So, I'm a little early but I had a few photos I really wanted to post. Axel will be 15 months old on May 9th and what a little man he is turning into. I feel like my baby is growing before my eyes at a rate I wish I could slow. I know I can't slow him down so, I just have to embrace each day.

Here are some of his favorites: Dandilion puffs, tricycle rides with his big boy helmet, looking for birds and worms, school buses (he'll run right into the middle of the street trying to see/catch the bus if I would let him), pizza, spaghetti, blueberries, pears, oranges, any fruit really, the Wii remote, cell phones, laptop, just starting to get into books, dogs, cats, mud puddles, water puddles, waterfalls, DIRT, anything Lucas has or does, cars, trucks (especially 18 wheelers), dancing, singing songs (Itsy-bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, Little Teapot), Sign Time (sign language video), screaming in the car when he's tired of driving and then signing "HELP" and "PLEASE" over and over, his Mommy, his Daddy and his big brother!

Obviously, the list could go on and on as he discovers the world around him. What a treasure Axel is and we are so happy he is part of our family. He makes us smile and laugh everyday.

He's very persistent and has a titch of a temper. It's really cute when he doesn't get his way. :)

I hope you enjoy these photos has much as I do.

Axel getting stuck on the ladder with his sweet bike helmet on.
Oh, did I mention he LOVES PENS! He really likes ones with lids and ones that work well on couches and painted walls.
Putting the lid back on. Lids, he loves lids too...water bottles, Tupperware, milk bottles, etc.
He was off, trying to escape with his new pen.
Playing on the deck is mandatory everyday.
These photos were taken a few weekends ago in Kentucky at the Red River Gorge. It's been a rainy few weeks but it hasn't stopped the fun in the dirt.
Just look at that face...and hands. DIRTY!He stays very busy at the climbing crag.
Here's a nice close up of all the dirt and the hummus too. Yep, Axel LOVES hummus!
Mommy trying to protect the camera.
Puppies! He finally found "Bella" who is just so patient with all the one year old tugging and grabbing. I'm sure it helps that Axel usually has lots of flavors all over his face and hands. Bella has figured out that it's all worth it for just a few licks of that sweet, dirty, tasty little boy.
Axel we love you so much. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family.
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Lucas

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Axel!

I love that picture of him stuck in the ladder with his helmet!

(next door)

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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