Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had an unseasonably cold weekend which was perfect for climbing. Mother's Day is traditionally spent climbing and what a treat to have non-hot, non-humid weather. It was also a treat that we had a cabin full of good friends. We had some Ohio friends from Cleveland and Columbus, a few from Knoxville, TN and even one from Lander, WY join in the Mother's Day weekend fun.

We decided to do a big dinner at our cabin on Saturday night to say Thank You to our friends who help belay and watch the boys. They are the reason climbing is possible. :) We had a wonderful time and the cabin was so cozy as the temperature continued to drop outside.

It was such a great weekend and Daddy climbed a really hard route he had been working on at the Motherlode. He made it look so easy and climbed so relaxed...I was so proud. I think it was the cool temps and having his good friend, Steve, on the other end of the rope. I really wish we lived closer to the Bechtels. For those of you who know how quiet Mike can be, you would not recognize him around Steve. Those two men can talk!!! And talk...and talk...and talk! It's so fun to see the relationship they have. I'm pretty sure that 90% of the conversation revolves around climbing/training mixed in with lots of jokes, movie quotes and sarcasm. Thanks for making Mike's day, it was great to see you Steve!

Okay, the photos I have for this post really do no good at showing the highlights of the weekend. The reason? I lost my camera (so sad) but luckily Steve found it in our driveway on Sunday evening. Ooops. Thank you Steve!

Mmmm...chocolate mustache.
This was serious business.
Daddy even broke out the nice camera to take pictures of this hot mama! He has some true talent with photography! Thank you honey...I love them!
Lucas working on his climbing skills. Hmmm...a little different photo quality with the old point and shoot camera. The light wasn't helping either but hey, he's looking at the camera and even smiling. :)
Back "roads" to our cabin. :)
Mike was lovin' it. I was happy to be on the river side taking photos.Phew, we made it! The back roads are not faster but they sure are more exciting.
Then I lost the camera. :(

Thank you so much for such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Lucas, I absolutely love the card and pillow you made me. It made me soooo happy! I'm so lucky to be your mom! l love you Lucas. I love you Axel. I love you Mike. Thank you!


Phil and Dana said...

Ok, wait, just've had two kids, right??? Ok, it just doesn't look like it in those photos! Hot Mama is right!!! Miss you tons. D

Carolyn said...

Great Pics!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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