Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Bash

No better way to start off a birthday celebration than with some ice cream cone cupcakes with dino sprinkles. It a tradition in this family to always make cupcakes for birthdays (even if there is a separate cake involved). Lucas is my sprinkle guy and this time, we had fresh new sprinkles from our friend, Grace.

I also found a new and improved way of making the cupcakes so they really look like ice cream cones. Click here to learn the secret.

In the not-so-great photo below, you can see the old way (flat tops) and the new way (rounded tops). I recommend the new way. It's super easy and there's no guessing how much batter to fill the cups up with because you bake them upside down.
Gotta have a few decorations too.
Food and drinks of course. Kevin and Charmagne.
Sweet pork tacos in the making. I have not perfected the recipe but use variations of these two: here and here. It's a combo of picante salsa, chipotle pepper sauce and brown sugar which is a delciously, dangerous combo. After cooking in the crock pot all day, it is served with small torts, melted cheese, lettuce, pico, guac & sour cream.
Cheese quesidilla's for the kiddos.
Madison, Cloe & Lucas.Emily is not real excited about having to eat her dinner before getting to the watermelon. I love this look. This reminds me of me as a kid. :)
Hannah is a great eater. If only Lucas would take some lessons from her.
Birthdays and Cinco de Mayo!
Eric, Daddy & Heidi.Nice face Lucas.
Big boy with his juice box.
Crazy camera kid...I can only take his picture if he makes a silly face. Lucas' rule.
More juice. Don't you just love those cheeks?!
Pinata time!
Hannah's turn.
Axel was half frightened until we showed him that he could hit it.
The big girls had to wear the ski goggle blind fold which made the whole experience way more amusing for the crowd. So did the pulling up and lowering by Daddy.
The whole gang.
Charmagne, the "Pinata Killer!" Yep, she got it on the first swing. So fast, that this was the only photo I got. Notice the head hanging?
The best part: THE GOODIES!
Our warrior! Nice work Charmagne.
Birthday cake time. It's a yummy Chocolate Fantasy Cake from Graeter's Ice Cream Shop.
Happy Birthday too you...
Make a wish!
Notice the two handed lollipops while eating cake....mmmmm....sugar! We love birthdays. :)
We wrapped everything up with a little game of Gold Fish while Daddy relaxed on the couch waiting for his next margarita.
Birthday family photo with less than cooperative subjects. :)
Happy Birthday Daddy. We hope you had as much fun as we did on your birthday.
We love you!


MrsKBJ said...

I LOVE the ice cream cupcakes!!! I think I will do that for Madison's bday. Happy belated Birthday to your hubby!!

Amy said...

What an awesome celebration! So fun to see the Bucheit's there and I love your new family photo! Happy Birthday Mike!

piz : ) said...

happy birthday mike
enjoy ohio and the Red.
hope to get climbing with you guys soon.
piz : )

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