Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's My Birthday!

34 years old...WOW! I have so much to be thankful for and you know what, I love 30's! :) Just look at my beautiful family. What a lucky birthday Mom I am.

We had a wonderful morning at the children museum with our friends, The Cobbs. They are here visiting and it's so fun to spend time with them. They have a 4 yr & 2 yr old so we had quite the crew going in all different directions at the museum.

Right now, it's QUIET TIME. Axel is napping (thanks for the birthday present Axel) and Lucas is watching Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon. Lucas made me some awesome birthday cards yesterday that I can't wait to share them with everyone. Thank you Lucas! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY CARDS!

Tonight, sushi dinner with family and a few good friends. Happy Birthday to Me. :)

Here are a few random photos that I have not posted before. Birthday photos will be documented later.

The love of my life...although, take a look at the button he's wearing! He got a pretty funny card from my parents on his birthday and proudly totes the button around in his wallet. It think it says something about "I'm only related to them, I can't explain them!" :)
How can I say NO to these eyes?!?!?!?
Oh yeah, after he does this 6 times a day! You would think I would put a lock on that cabinet but that would be too easy.
Then he does something super cute like this and I forget about the messes all over the house.Then there's Mr. I-hate-the-camera-man. I did manage to get these shot but only with tickles and funny face criteria. I'll take what I can get! Thanks Jessica.
I like it!
Another try? More tickles?
Got it! Thanks Bentley.I love my family!


Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Phil and Dana said...

So glad you had a great B-day! I am totally missing your family!!! Give your little boys hugs from Adam and me.

Amy said...

Axel is SO adorable! And let me tell you, he and Benjamin could make quite the mad mess of a kitchen.

Glad you had an awesome birthday, my dear!

Neo said...

You have got a gifted family.....
enjoy in the same manner at every sec of ur life... God bless u all.

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