Monday, May 31, 2010

New Family Fun

Check this out...
We are a bike riding family these days! Lucas is mastering his two-wheeler and Axel has graduated from the trailer to the Wee Rider. This all this equals FAMILY BIKE RIDES! It just makes me smile to see Lucas cruising around on his bike, Axel in his cute little seat and Daddy and Mommy taking photos while we all ride as a family. I love it!
Lucas also has a tag-a-long bike that joins up with Mike's bike. (photos coming soon) He can sit and pedal if he wants or just enjoy the ride. The other night, we rode 12 miles RT to Dewey's Pizza with our friends, Heidi and Eric. We enjoyed our pizza picnic style outside where the boys could be boys. It was a beautiful evening and we all had a blast. Oh, did I mention that we also discovered THE.BEST.PIZZA.EVER. You must check out Dewey's if your ever in Dayton, OH. It is delish!

We are biking manics now! :)

NOTE: Axel's helmet has been readjusted so it doesn't ride up on his forehead so high. Why don't they make kids helmets easy to adjust??? What a pain but he's good to go now.

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Amy said...

Awesome! Way to go, Lucas! He looks like such a big boy on his 2 wheel bike. . . and 12 miles--wow! I SO wish we lived in the same city!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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