Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cub Scout Camping

Lucas joined Cub Scouts this year and has been very busy with all the fun activities offered.  He is a Wolf in Pack 553 which held their Fall Family Camping Trip mid October. We packed up the whole family and headed to Defuniak Springs, FL for a weekend of Cub Scout fun. What better way to spend our 11th Anniversary. :)
We went up Friday night to get set up in time for some tasty s'mores and camp fire time. Some of our neighbors are in Den 4 too. Axel was thrilled to find out that his friends were there!
Axel and Bailey

Max and Lucas

Our shared campsite

We had plenty of room to spread out.

Morning pyros!

After breakfast and some campfire time, the whole pack met up at the flag pole to kick off the daily events. There were numerous Cub Scout Packs attending so we had a bunch of kids running around.

Getting everyone quiet for announcements.

Great turn out.
We headed straight to archery and pellet gun stations to avoid long lines. Our plan worked!
Boys waiting for instructions.

Even Axel got to participate in all activities. This was a great aspect of it being a FAMILY CAMP.

Lucas about to test his new knowledge out.

Axel was digging this!!

This was a favorite for sure.

Nice shot!

I think collecting the arrows was half the fun.

Look who's not paying attention! :) With that said, this was the second round of instructions after the long winded first one. Axel was ready to shoot! Lucas was making sure he didn't miss anything.

Both boys did great. They learned that taking their time and relaxing paid off when trying to hit that target.

There were a couple bull eyes in there. Great job Lucas!

You too Axel, you did super!
We took a lunch break and carved some pumpkins.

This was the main area. Some of the Pack leaders made some pretty elaborate campfire treats using Dutch ovens and cardboard box ovens. Delicious cookies, cobblers and cakes!

More troops showed up Saturday so the boys jumped in and helped them get set up.
After lunch, we headed down to the lake for some boating. No photos of this but the water was peaceful and it was very relaxing. We didn't see any alligators so I was happy. After that, we went over to leather stamping and ceramic painting. The boys used their leather discs and beads to make cool walking sticks which quickly turned into magic wands.
Love these boys!

You can barely see the lake we rowed on.

Daddy was showing Lucas how to stand at attention.

Lucas had earned his Bobcat Patch so he got in his uniform and went over a few things with Dad before the ceremony.
This was the Bobcat Ceremony. Many others in his pack also earned their patch so it was fun to watch the whole gang. It was a very involved ceremony and Dad got to help paint special symbols on Lucas.

Looking good!

Very sweet!

 EXCELLENT work Lucas!!!

The new group of Bobcats!

Lucas was a pumpkin judge. I was impressed by all the cool ideas people had.

It was dinner and s'more time before the big bonfire get together down by the lake.

This was pretty cool. We got to watch numerous skits but not before everyone had a chance to join in the dance party!

Axel met a new buddy, Elam. Mommy met a new friend too, Elam's Mom, Heather! :)
We all had a wonderful time! Daddy and Mommy were happy to celebrate our anniversary a few days later. Both boys had school on Columbus Day but Daddy didn't have work. It was an entire day just for us. We went to Pensacola to hit Joe Patti's awesome seafood market and a great all-you-can-eat sushi joint. Happy Anniversary Honey! It's been a wonderful 11 years! I love you!!

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Awesome! We are in Den 4 too, ha ha.

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