Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This is just a total catch all post.

Here's to life with the Anderson's in Florida!

1. Neighbors yard.
2. SK8TR! I may have posted these photos already but just in case I didn't here's Axel. 

3. Cake decorating contest for the school's Green Corn Festival. Lucas and Axel got into their cake decorating this year. I put on the base frosting but after that it was all them. I give them tooth picks for sketching and numerous piping (frosting) bags for them to be creative with. All the cakes are used in the festivals cake walk. We spent over 30minutes that night trying to win one back. I finally convinced them to cake-walk-away by reminding them that we could make more at home. :) It was a good move, we got to hit all the other cool activities at this Fall Fest. I was proud of their hard work and patience. Way to go guys!!

Lucas' Minecraft Creeper

Axel's Furby

Lucas' Minecraft Cake cake.

4. Lucas' class went to the Mattie Kelly Arts Center to watch a play called THE TEACHER FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. I was picked to be a chaperone and had 6 kiddos in my group. The play was just over a hour long and the performers did great retelling 5 stories. It was really fun and what an awesome group of second graders. Thanks for letting me share in this cool field trip!

Skyler, Lucas and Gabe.

Emily, Aiden and Marisol.
5. Food experiments! For anyone not in the know, my husband is a total FOODIE now! It's great and has been so much fun to watch him learn and explore all the cool foods out there. It has definitely helped living in Florida because the food here is amazing!! Well, the seafood and Cajun food is amazing. The Mexican food is not so good so we have taken it upon ourselves to master some delicious dishes. It takes a lot of trying and adjusting but we think we are doing pretty good. Our specialties include: Fish Tacos, Chili Verde, Cochinita Pibil, Omelets, Sweet Pork Tacos and we hope to add Mole to the list soon. We have a list of other things but we are most excited about Thai chicken wings and curry dishes!
Nego Mole in the making. It's so cool how all these ingredients create a smooth flavorful sauce that is awesome on any meat.
Daddy is our expert omelet maker...this one is his chili verde version.

6. Lizards moving day. This guy traveled on our car for about 7 miles, right there on the windshield wiper. He now lives across the bridge in Destin. He's a rebel...must have been tired of Bluewater Bay.
7. Lucas' Literature Circle Final Project. For the past month, Lucas has been reading the Magic Tree House book called Twister on Tuesday. His final project was to build a model of one of the scenes from the book. He loves tornados so this was all him! Mommy helped glue the "grass" but other than that, Lucas took charge and made sure I didn't help too much. His next project is all about Isaac Newton! We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
Looks awesome Lucas!

Axel was great help too!

Close up!

8. Yep, I bet you were wondering about that photo! Mr. Hugh is a jokester!
Phew, I think I'm just about caught up!!!

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