Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Robotics Judge


 Daddy signed up to be a judge for a robotics competition at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL. The competition was for area middle, junior and high schools. We had 4 hours to check out the competition and the campus. The boys and I headed out to the nature trail to break things up. It was very extensive with over 10 miles of mountain bike/hiking trails and we actually found real hills! It was just what we needed.
We hit the concession stand for some popcorn then off to the nature trail we went. It starts off on a boardwalk through a swamp. Nope, no alligators!

We were about 2 miles in when we found this guy! It was the biggest spider I've ever seen that wasn't a tarantula.


Magic wands for everyone...they were posing while I tried to get photos of the spider. You can see it in the foreground on Lucas' sleeve...barely.
 We hiked over 3 miles and barely made it back in time for the fun part of the competition. Each team had a robotic arm that had to do different timed tasks. It was like being at a pep rally the whole time. The teams were supported by their family and friends and cheering squads. It was exciting but LOUD!!

The boys preferred the quiet room with booths set up by each school. They find out just how hard it is to use a simple robotic tool. We talked to them about how difficult it is to make a real robotic arm and making one follow commands. It was  a great learning experience. The schools have some pretty impressive programs.

Axel building a wall puzzle.

We loved watching him try and try and try.

Lucas tackled the hanger game.

He too, tried and tried and eventually got the hang of it.
Going to Joe Patti's Seafood Market is a must anytime in Pensacola. They have an amazing variety of seafood for really good prices. They also have a sushi restaurant, gourmet shop, bakery, gelato, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This was Lucas' tooth walking in...
This was him walking out!! He let that loose tooth dangle literally for weeks. It was driving me crazy so I asked him to try to give it a little tug so he wouldn't swallow it eating his gelato. Out it popped! Whoot! I think he was happy to have it out too!

Love the gap Lucas. :)

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