Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not Quite Halloween Yet

I love Halloween and was so happy that it was more than just a one night thing. Our neighborhood exploded with new families and the amount of elementary aged kids tripled. It's been great for the boys and for us. One family held a pumpkin carving/chili evening. It was a perfect way to get into the  spirit of Halloween!
Our boys were pretty tired of pumpkin carving but not Daddy! He got right to work on his. :)

Good neighbors and tasty food...and drinks! Thank you!!
Daddy got a jump start.

Getting the fire pit fired up!

After some tree climbing, the kids got involved.

Great job Daddy!

See the little blonde guy on the back of the cart? This is Luca and he so, so, so reminds me of Lucas when he was a baby.

Moms on the left, Dads on the right...I think we did great!

More serious business, S'MORES!! We have a new family from Britain who had never had them before. Daddy was about to rock their world! Yes, they loved them!!
Later in the week, Axel's preschool had a party. He was so excited and had a great time dressed up with all his classmates. They had cool snacks and then divided up into groups for activities.

I was the tattoo station leader but some of the others moms helped out with a rice dig, sticker decorations, bean bag toss, pin-the-face-on-the-jack-o-lantern and a pumpkin race.
Dinosaur and Chirs, aka, Gavin and Axel.

I really enjoy seeing everyone's costumes. So cute!!

The highlight was the pumpkin roll!

Go Axel Go!!!

What a fun day!!! Axel had a great time and Mommy loved that she could help. Halloween was getting closer...

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