Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween at the Gulfarium

After the Cub Scout Camping Trip, it was time to iron out our Halloween costumes. This was the first year the boys did not know what they wanted to be until a few weeks before Halloween. Usually, it's decided months before. We finally settled on some very unique ideas and with some brainstorming sessions, we came up with a plan.
Lucas is really into the computer game called Minecraft (along with the rest of the nations children). He really likes the BLAZE creatures but when you see one in the game, they spin, move, smoke, etc. I was a little scared when he should me what it was I was supposed to help him create. :) It took awhile to come up with the final plan but he loved how it turned out.

Axel is all about he PBS Kids show called Wild Kratts. He decided that he was going to be CHRIS off the show so he could use his Creature Powers to help save animals. :) Chris is the green guy.

The weekend before Halloween offered numerous activities around the Destin area. We zeroed in on one that was new to us, the Gulfarium HallowGreen! This is the local aquarium with a wonderful focus on recycling. All their decorations were make from recycled items and the scavenger hunt was to find and identify a list of them.

The boys in full costume where ready for a day of fun.
Blaze and Chris.

Dolphin show...check out the cool view of the ocean. Great setting, beautiful day!

Lucas and Axel watching the show.

Beautiful Dolphin!

My favorites...Otters! I still have memories of my Dad bringing home a shirt for me from Seattle, WA. It had "You Otter See Seattle" written across it. I loved it!

Chris was checking things out.

Listening and learning about alligators. This is the best way to see them, behind a fence!

These trainers were nuts in my opinion. Here they are hand feeding the alligators and afterwards inspected them all by hand. CRAZY!
The place was decorated so cool. I wish I would have taken more photos of all the cool recycled items they turned into adorable decorations. My favorite were squished cans turned into flying bats!

Sea lion show.

Very cute!
After the main shows, there was some trick or treating and a costume parade.

It was a competition with a few different categories; most unique, best group, best recycled items used

The judges making their decisions.

Lucas and Axel took 2nd and 3rd in Best Recycled/Homemade costumes. I like to say that we tied for 2nd place!

Looks like Fall?! This place is so weird. :) I'm not complaining, the winter weather here is truly AMAZING but not very Fall-ish.
We all had a great time. The aquarium is small but offers quite a lot, perfect of an afternoon.

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