Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny Two Year Old!

Our neighbor, Charile, is a pilot and brought over a little coloring book along with colored pencils and a SHARPENER which of course was the coolest part! Lucas sat in front of the trash can for at least 30-45minutes sharpening pencils that were already sharp and loving every minute of it. He was on a mission! About 30 minutes into it, he looks at me as said, "Wow, I can't believe how hard this is!" I cracked up!

The Bee Movie bites back...
Lucas has learned some unfavorable sayings from the Bee Movie but once we discovered where it came from it wasn't so bad and easier to take. He loves quoting the movie and his favorite quote is, "NO! you snap out of it!" Yep, Lucas learned the word NO! and quickly learned to apply to everyday conversation. Not as sweet as "I do...I don't." He also started running around saying, " WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" in a very mean, stern voice...this too comes from a bathroom scene in the Bee Movie! Hollywood! I'm sure this is only the beginning! :)

His latest phrase is..."WHY?"..."WHY?"..."WHY?"....and boy, he can get you going on and on and on if you let it. He's been really into puzzles lately and we got him one of the United States so he could see places like Colorado, Ohio, Oregon and Georgia. We explained all about it and the next morning he asked a series of questions about where the United States was and WHY so I showed him on the globe where everything was. He's all about the north and south poles and the equator too but watch out, he'll get you on the "WHY?" train if you let him.


scrooner said...

Henry is totally on the "why" train too! I like to give him an answer for everything, but sometimes the "why" question doesn't quite make sense. Like if you tell him, "that truck is green", he asks why. Because they painted it green. Why? Because they like that color. Why? To keep it from rusting. Why? So it doesn't fall apart. Why? Because I said so...

P.S. "scrooner" is Dan. Long story.

Janelle Anderson said...

I love it and can totally relate! They can get you started for sure and there's no end to Why?

Too fun!

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