Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super Find!

Okay, this is the last post for today...I promise! Yes, I do apologize for slacking the whole week and then posting three times in one day. As soon as I download our photos, I realize how behind I am. You would think I would learn but no, not yet!Look at this beauty!!!! The mixer is a beautiful too but look at that marble rolling pin? A match made in Heaven! It's heavy, it works like a charm and it was $8 baby!!! I found it at the U.S. Air Force Academy Thrift Shop while dropping off some old clothes. I thought it was a cheap replica of a nice marble rolling pin until I could barely pick it up...I instantly fell in love and can now take my little, sad, not-so-heavy-at-all one to the Thrift Shop! Yahooo!!!


Jodie said...

Okay, that is the best find!! Those mixers are so expensive but last forever! We got one as a wedding gift and it still works perfectly. WE need to get together. THings have been crazy busy here as I know for you also. Call me

Janelle Anderson said...

I've been thinking about you lately! I hope you are well and would love to meet up with you soon. Love your blog too!

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