Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sprinkler Heaven!

As we all know, Lucas LOVES sprinklers and cannot wait for his birthday to come to his house this summer. Each time we are at Home Depot, we have to look at all the different types and he decides which one he wants for his birthday. It changes each time!

We were invited to Carol and Gary's house for an evening BBQ. I work with Carol in Shaklee and Streamline Magic so Lucas is pretty familiar with her and LOVES her house. She is passionate about gardening and has a beautiful back yard full of SPRINKLERS!!!! It's like a "Sprinkler Heaven" for Lucas who plays and plays and plays and would for hours if we would let him!
His favorite nozzle....just like the ones the Fire Fighters use!
Ketchup face! No meal is complete without a gallon of ketchup according to Lucas.
Carol and Gary and a peak of their wonderful back yard. Thank you for a delicious dinner!
This is Wayne, Carols dad who is our newest member to Streamline Magic!

Streamline Magic! Daddy was able to join us. We try to drag him outside as much as possible to enjoy some fresh air and tasty food. He's looking pretty good these days!
Here's the favorite "Cha-Cha-Cha-Chaaassshhhh" sprinkler! "I want this one for my birthday when I'm three in Dayton in August"'s going to be a wonderful birthday!

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