Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Staying Busy!

Well, we have no photos for this post. Mommy messed up the camera downloads last week after a big hike. Lucas rode in mommy's back pack for 6 miles as we hiked a beautiful trail by Cheyenne Mountain. We took great photos and when I downloaded them I accidentally copied over them with my next day's photos! So, we need to go back and take some reenactment photos! We are also going to try to recover them from the camera so I can't take any photos until we do that.

Hiking has been keeping us busy and in shape. We finally got a new kid pack after sending our old one in last March and never seeing it again. It was lost but we got a brand new one a few weeks ago and it's cozy and works really well. This past Sunday, I took Lucas up the Barr Trail in Manitou Springs for about an hour and a half. It was a beautiful cool day perfect for hiking and getting out of the house to give daddy a break.

We had a big weekend. There was a local Bike Festival downtown where we set up a Shaklee booth to promote our Sports Nutritions drinks and supplements. It was another beautiful day and Lucas was able to join me after spending a few hours at home with daddy. He got a free bike helmet and played with the bubbles in the kid area. The big water fountain was exciting too has it sprayed water and rotated in a big circle. To top off the day, Grandma and Grandpa J joined us to meet up with my Uncle Richard and cousins Julie and Jenny and Julies two boys, Luke and Ben. We had a wonderful time catching up with family and exploring the new park!

That evening, we went to our neighborhood summer BBQ for tasty dinner and a play time in the bouncy castle and bouncy slide. Lucas squealed with delight! It was sooooo fun to watch him...I can't believe he'll be 3 in August!

On Sunday after our Barr Trail hike, we went to Firs Station 8 for another fire/bike safety program for kids. Lucas got to go in a mock trailer home and learn all about smoke, fire alarms and how to crawl to the window and down the ladder! He passed and his reward was the super fun bouncy castle and slide. Our good friend, Deb met up with us and shared in the festivities.

Mike is doing well but getting bored at home. He's being really good not to over exert himself but I know it's hard. Lots of movies to watch and a little work to be done is keeping him fairly occupied. He has a check up in two weeks with the specialist in Denver so we should get more details then. So far, we are planning on moving the first week of August. And...we found a family to rent our house! Yahoo! Now we just pray and hope that they will be good to us and the house! Always a gamble I guess!

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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