Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lean Mean Running Machine!

Look at the muscles on this kid?! Wow-Wee! A Real Lean Mean Running Machine for sure.

The evenings around here have been wonderful this past week. The wind goes way and calm cool air comes in for a visit just before the sun goes down. Lucas was getting antsy and ran out the front door in his diaper. We quickly discovered he had some extra energy to run off so he did sprints up and down the hill in our back yard. Yep, all in his stylish white diaper! He has been doing really well with the potty and is getting used to that "feeling in his belly" but it usually is only for number 2. Number 1 feeling is hit and miss. After numerous sprints Daddy and Mommy joined for some airplane fun. Here he is, getting ready!Then fast down and fast up straight for the camera!
Here's that ever so natural smile my friend Erin , a wonderful child photographer always talks about. A little "cheesy"...
and I can't imagine where he gets it from???
Here's Daddy all suited up for airplane flights...
As you can see, Lucas is Daddy's big helper and loves taking part in airplane time! He's still learning how to be gentle. :)

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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