Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back on the Horse

Okay, there were two horses I needed to get back on.

First, cutting Lucas' hair. The last hair cut was my first with clippers and as it grew out it looked pretty "home cut" to put it nicely. It grew right into a nice mullet which was a nice touch too! It was too cold to go outside so we set up a barber shop and turned on Lucas' favorite Caillou show right in our living room...

I'm proud to say it turned out pretty good! Now, if only I could get that face washed?!
Second horse....THE TURKEY!!
I decided I couldn't wait until Christmas to try to redeem myself. I bought another turkey on super sale and tried again! Three thermometers later, we had one D-elicious turkey!! It made the house smell wonderful and it tasted even better.

We opted for a less formal affair and had our tasty turkey dinner in front of the T.V. which meant way too much excitement for Lucas to actually eat it. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed it!

Look at these turkeys!

Recent updates...

IT'S COLD IN OHIO!!! A different cold, a wet cold and one that only Lucas seems not to notice. Must be those wonderful Marmot mittens I found for him at REI. If you want really good toddler mittens check these out, they are worth the money!

This photo was taken yesterday morning after Daddy suggested Lucas play with his snow cone maker outside in the "snow." Lucas' reply, "But Daddy, there's not enough snow!" After 20 minutes of watching the poor boy try to gather snow, Mike headed out to help. He quickly realized just how COLD it really was! Just look at all that snow! HA!
This morning, we woke to a little more snow so Lucas headed back outside. Here he is asking me to go get the big snow shovel out. Look at that worried face that says maybe mom won't let me?!?
Phew! What a relief, mom came through.

One last thing, I've been meaning to post an updated photo of my belly. So, here it is! Lucas took the photo which might explain why my head is chopped off.
On the next attempt to get mommy's face in the photo, the dreaded finger got the "eye" of the camera.

"Don't touch the camera's eye Lucas." "I didn't Mommy."
Mmmm...I think I have a little proof that says otherwise.


1 comment:

Amy said...

I was just catching up on my DVR'd episodes of Oprah and saw the pre-Thanksgiving episode with the turkey recipe. Is that the one you used? I noticed that she said to cook the turkey to 180-185. My recipe said 165 and Alton Brown (on Food Network) said 165, too. I'm a bit concerned now about the discrepancy and hope I didn't eat not-cooked-enough turkey!

We'll have to check out those mittens. Hayden hates having his hands "trapped," let alone trying to keep them on his hands!

And your belly looks so cute! I feel like I'm that big already! You're getting closer and it's SO exciting!

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