Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Turkey

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We actually spent Thursday climbing at the Red River Gorge. It was a beautiful, warm day at the crag so we all soaked up the sun knowing that the weather would be different in Dayton for the next three days! Nothing like cold, cloudy and wet days to remind us winter is about here!

Friday was our Thanksgiving Day so we had a big feast prepared. Mommy braved the other shoppers and went to Kohl's in the morning. It was total madness and I was quickly reminded why climbing on Black Friday is always a good idea. It was worth the craziness, I was out shopping for two families who need a little extra help this time of year. With the sales, I was able to get twice as much as I had planned.

That afternoon, the weather turned out fairly warm and sunny so we headed to the park for a little game of football. Lucas and Daddy have been practicing their throwing, catching and tackling skills so it was time to test them out. It was so fun to see Lucas run around with a big smile tackling and catching and just being a carefree kid!

After nap, it was turkey time...or so we thought. Mommy had a hard time getting the thermometer to read the magic 180 degrees. By the time it did, the turkey was dead, dry and disgusting! A quick trip to the trash put an end to that and it was on to a tasty Thanksgiving dinner minus the turkey. It was sad but we were all glad (mostly me) that no company was coming over.

Thanksgiving at our new table...thanks to craigslist!The sad, sad turkey!
Not all was lost, after dinner we whipped up some whipped cream and ate yummy pumpkin pies!
We played Candyland...made a huge mess of Legos...

a really cool helicopter (Thank You Daddy!)...
and Lucas imitated Mommy's big belly with his balloon. He's getting pretty excited to be a big brother!

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. The weather was bad for miles so we decided to stick around and do some projects around the house. Daddy spent most of his time insulating the garage. I have a feeling that Dayton weather will result in a garage climbing gym sooner than later!

It was great to spend time as a family although we really missed having other family members and friends here to join us. I love this time of year but have to admit, it feels a little lonely out here in the East. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful husband and a son who makes me smile everyday. I'm thankful for the time we get to spend together and being able to stay home with Lucas. I'm thankful for our health and look forward to having baby number two join us.

We are so fortunate!

Health and happiness to you all during this Christmas season.
We love and miss you all!

The Anderson's


Susie said...

you are AWESOME Janelle :) Thank you for sharing your cheerful giving with so many peeps this year :)

Amy said...

Oh no! Poor turkey :-( (I think the magic number is 165) At least you had more room for that yummy pie! Glad you had a nice weekend together :-)

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