Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

My step-brother, Brian, flew in from New York Christmas Eve to spend 4 days with us here in Dayton. Lucas was very excited to see Uncle Brian and so were we! Later that evening, we headed over to some friends for a little Christmas Eve celebration. Thank you Susie and Andy for opening your home!

T'was the Night Before Christmas and the adults all had a kid free dinner! Well, sort of, the kids were enjoying their adult free dinner in the kitchen before the play dough was pulled out.
Here's the adult gang: Mike H., Mike A., Kelly, Brian, Janelle, Bill, Andy, Susan and Susie taking the photo which I "borrowed" from her blog. Thank you Susie!

GUITAR HERO was a huge hit for the Dad's in the house!
Daddy's "Rock Stance"
Uncle Brian doesn't spend much time around kids so this was a full on shock to his system. There were a total of 8 little kids running around as crazy as can be on Christmas Eve. It was an eye opener for Uncle Brian and funny to watch!
It was impossible to take a photo of all the kids at once. However, Lauren (Susie's youngest - 2 years old) was all about getting as much adult attention as she could. She loved Mike and loved to be held. What a doll!
We all had such a great time and Uncle Brian survived! Lucas finally got his dessert too which he asked for about 10 times. He has a sweet tooth for sure! He was a tired boy so it was a quick "Night Before Christmas" story, cookies for Santa and oatmeal on the lawn for the reindeer before heading to bed.

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