Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Uncle Mark & Aunt Kate Come to Visit

We had a wonderful visit from Uncle Mark and Aunt Kate! It was so nice to have family come visit. Lucas was soooooo excited and prepared for their visit the whole week before. Since Kate's birthday was on the 16th, Lucas made a birthday card, pipe cleaner flowers, cup cake - cake, birthday crown and helped me clean up the house. Birthdays are a big deal around here! :)

Sprinkles are a MUST when it comes to cupcakes...and cookies...and ice cream! Of course, someone had to do it ALL BY HIMSELF!
Lucas decorated all the little cupcakes and did a wonderful job!
Mommy worked on the chocolate ones and then constructed the cake. Lucas was in charge of the candles.
We had to open gifts first and then right to the yummy part!
Happy Birthday Aunt Kate!
She even let Lucas help blow out the candles.
The day after celebrating Kate's birthday we decided to get outside for some fresh air. The weather was a little chilly but that didn't stop us from going to The Red for some climbing. Here's Daddy climbing at a place called Left Flank. It was great to have his brother to climb with and talk "climbing" for 5 days!
Uncle Mark was so excited to check out The Red with Daddy. He is super strong right now after just climbing a 5.14 called Too Bolt at Smith Rock in Oregon. After all his training and with winter setting in, he's trying to put all his extra strength to good use. The Red was a perfect match for him and he had some of his best climbing days ever. I think he'll be back!
Here's Mommy and Lucas sharing a little hot chocolate. As you can tell by our puffy jackets, the hot chocolate was needed this time around.
Here's Aunt Kate taking photos of the boys climbing. Gotta document all the "sickness" when it comes to climbing. :)
We even had a little mini Christmas celebration so Lucas had a little taste of what's to come!
A big RED Crayon Bank which confused him a little because he asked Santa for this in his letter. It took some convincing that it was really from Kate & Mark.
He was a big helper with Kate's gifts too!
The whole gang! Our family photo Christmas 2008.
Another gift for Lucas but it was a little tough to get out of the box. It also took both Daddy and Uncle Mark to "transform" the airplane into the robot but they finally figured it out. If only we had a 5 year old in the house!
I think it will stay as an airplane for a long time! Either way, it's a big hit!
Before heading to the airport, we took a chilly hike through Clifton Gorge and got a little fresh air. No photos, I'm not sure the camera would have worked in the sub zero temps anyways!

We were all a little sad to say good-bye to Kate and Mark but were so happy they came to visit. To cheer us up, we let Daddy open a present too!
A BACK MASSAGER! This will be great for Daddy's back and a nice treat for everyone in the house. :) Thanks Karen for you help with this wonderful gift!!!
Thanks for visiting us Aunt Kate & Uncle Mark!!!


Brake Family Blog said...

Hi Janelle. I got your Christmas card today and it was so nice. I love the outdoorsy theme and the pictures you chose. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Susie said...

SO let's plan a play date when you guys can come over and decorate cookies around here- sounds like Lucas would love that! We so enjoyed having you all over tonight :)
Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Anderson Family! So glad you had such a good time with Mark and Kate!

Janelle Anderson said...

Thanks Ladies! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too. Thanks for a tasty dinner last night Susie!

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