Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My

It's 3:00pm and Lucas is supposed to be sleeping. He has his very first Christmas Program tonight and we have to be there by 5:45pm. He's not sleeping.

So, I went up stairs to remind him that he should be sleeping and not talking to his bear, Sedrick.
This was his response..

LUCAS: "But Mommy, I'm not tired."

MOMMY: "Lucas, you need your energy for singing tonight. Please close your eyes and go to sleep."

LUCAS: "Mommy, I'm not wired that way. That's how I was made, I don't like to sleep!"

MOMMY: "I'm sorry to hear that, close your eyes Lucas."

Where does this come from??
Wish us luck!


Brake Family Blog said...

He probably heard you or Daddy saying something about "I'm not wired that way" and his quick little mind picked up on it. How smart, and how fun! Good luck with Lucas' Christmas program!

Susie said...

He's such a hoot, Janelle!

Amy said...

Hopefully he's not giving up his nap entirely! I dread when that day arrives at our house (though we've had some glimpses of it in recent weeks-aaaack!)

Can't wait to see/hear about the Christmas program!

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