Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas: Tree, Cookies, Program

Yep, I'm behind but we are back. I'm going to wrap it all up in one post so here it goes...

Daddy thought it would be fun to go cut down our own tree this year and we all agreed. Young's Dairy has a tree farm so we headed out after a late nap...it was 20 minutes til closing but we weren't alone.

Right out of the car Lucas found this tree and wanted to cut it down. We finally convinced him that we should find a little bigger one.
Daddy found a perfect one...
and sawed away while Lucas managed the situation.
Then it was inside for hot chocolate and popcorn.
We set up the tree at home and Lucas decorated it all by himself. He loves candy canes!

I found a little gingerbread making kit but of course, forgot to buy Molasses. The next two stores were sold out and I was ready to forget about it. However, three year old toddlers don't forget. Lucas kept asking about the cookies. Luckily, we had a visit from a good friend, Wendy, who was in town from Utah. She came over to say hello and just happened to have a bottle of molasses in hand. Lucas was soooooo excited and we didn't waste a minute!

I don't have photos of the cutting part one...messy hands to blame. I was able to hand over part two to Lucas and he decorated every single one. Happy Boy!
Finished (yummy) product!
The photos are pretty poor. The camera was not my friend especially in the church.

Lucas finally went to sleep that afternoon but I did have to wake him up a little early so we could get all dressed up.

Look at this little ham!
My favorite!
Mmmmm, nothing like cookies to get ready for singing!

Here he patiently waits with the rest of his class. He was very serious and very excited. See the cute little girl to his left? His girlfriend I'm sure. He has been talking about her since day one of school. :) Emma!

Walking up front...
So serious...again, sorry about the blurry photos but they document the big event.

Phew, I found Mommy...
Yep, she's still there...
Okay, now I can relax and sing my songs...
Standing out in the crowd, that's my boy!
Cookies to start, cookies to end! Boy was he wild at home with sugar and excitement surging through his body! So fun!
Tasty cookie face!
Way to go Lucas, you did awesome and we are soooo proud of you! We Love You!!


Susie said...

He's such a cutie, Janelle :) We're going to attempt gingerbread cookies tomorrow I think- ack! I've never made them...

Maile Fano said...

He is a cute little boy up there. I bet you had a fun time watching him.

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