Friday, October 3, 2008

2nd Street Market

Lucas & I headed to the 2nd Street Market today in downtown Dayton. It's a wonderful place full of little shops, restaurants and market food - basically an indoor Farmer's Market. It smelled amazing so Lucas and I had a little lunch before picking up some pumpkins and fresh bread.


Susie said...

This looks cool- we'll have to check it out before too long!

Amy said...

That looks great! I'm hoping to find a pumpkin/fall festival around here. And, oh my gosh, Lucas is such a dare devil! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it has me so nervouse seeing him go all the way up the tippy top of that climb! Wow!

Janelle Anderson said...

Susie - the market is year around so definitely go. It's held on Thur,Fri and Sat...yummy stuff! See you tonight!

Amy - We thought getting Lucas on a rope would scare him but quite the opposite happened. We try to limit going to the top but he loves it...just like his daddy! Miss you!

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