Friday, October 3, 2008

Red River Gorge

We finally have a house...not a clean house but a house to call home. The unpacking seems endless but each day we plug away and clear out a few more boxes. It's healthy to move into a smaller home and has forced us to get rid of things we don't really need.

Last Saturday we took a break to Red River Gorge. Lucas was a huge fan of swinging. He also spend hours playing in the dirt and talking to other climbers. The hit of the trip was his new friend, Ambren...a little fuzzy caterpillar. He named him all by himself and took wonderful care of him. Ambren actually survived the whole ordeal and I'm sure was relieved when he was finally freed!

Here's are some photos.

Diggin' in the dirt...

Beautiful Fall colors just starting to change...
Lucas taking a big swing...
More swings...a little blurry but there's a big smile on his face!
Close up of all the gear...
Had to climb (get lifted) to the tippy top over and over and over until Mom & Dad were too tired to do it again!

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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