Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Starts Early

Lucas loves to cut and glue so we decided to make some Halloween cards last week. Pumpkins became the theme and it was a big hit. We made cards and book marks for over an hour and sent them out in the mail the next day.
Friday night was his Autumn Carnival at school. We pulled out the Yoda costume and this year added face make-up. Mommy wasn't ready for greasy make-up and found some wonderful green eye shadow which worked just perfect (very easy clean up too!). Lucas thought it was weird to put on make-up but really enjoyed doing it all by himself.

He was ready for the carnival!
The carnival was a little intimidating at first. There were kids and people everywhere dressed up in weird costumes. He quickly realized that it was fun and he could get various prizes after playing some games. However, once Lucas got a whistle he was content.

We even met some of his Star Wars "friends"...
We did a few more games before hitting the "Trick or Treating Hallway!"
"Trick or Treat?"
He wasn't going to get too close to the witch, she was scary!
He made out on the candy side and everyone loved his Yoda costume. Mom and Dad realized that there will be lots of candy this Halloween! Yummy treats!
We tried to sneak some candy from his candy bucket but he was not too excited about sharing his new treats. He made sure to keep a tight hold onto his candy bucket on the car ride home.
His new saying, "I love candy EVERYDAY!"

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