Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bears!

Last weekend, we packed up the car and headed to Chicago. It was the Chicago BearsFamily Day and we were there to join in all the fun.

Pre-practice activities...nice work Daddy!
Mommy too! (Of course we made it! Well, at least a few of them.)
We then headed into the stadium and to our surprise, our seats were some of the few which were shaded. This was AWESOME and made the day BEARable because it was in the 90's.
I love this photo:
and this one too!
The Chicago Bears coach: Lovie SmithThen the exciting part... The CHICAGO BEARS!

Smoke and...
fireworks too!
Daddy was so happy. He has been a Chicago Bears fan since 1985. Being from Oregon, a state with no professional team, he had his pick and the Bears were quite the team in '85. It's been a love and hate relationship ever since. This year, hopefully more love than hate. :) Go Bears!
We all had a great time. A few little stadium walks, the baby bjorn and some frozen lemonade kept everyone happy. :)After a little rest in a local park, we decided to press on. Daddy got the strollers and we headed to the Navy Pier. We thought it looked close enough to walk instead of taking the water taxi...oops...should have taken the water taxi. After almost 2 miles, we were hot and hungry but the boys got in some naps and were ready for round two.

First on the list, eat ice cream to cool down! Then it was time for dinner. Axel didn't care much for dinner but he kept himself occupied chasing ice cubes on the table. (Yes, I cleaned the table first) It was so funny to watch him.
Lucas didn't want to miss out in the fun either.
Once fed, we headed to the end of the pier to see the light house and boats. After looking at the distance we traveled earlier, we decided that a taxi boat ride would be perfect for the family.
Lucas loved the boat at first. Then, he was sad on the boat once he realized the boat was taking us back to the car. He got over it but was still a little mad at the Captain.

As you can tell by the photos, the camera was stashed in an inconvenient place for most of our sight seeing. Something tells me I have plenty and shouldn't worry. :)

The next day we had big plans which quickly changed once we realized that it was even hotter. We made a quick trip to Millennium Park and stopped by the Family Festival for something a little different.
Building Sky Scrapers...we had to have the tallest of course.
Not bad for two engineers!
We were going to go to the planetarium but decided it would be too much for the boys. We decided to head home early. It was a smart choice. We were all tired but had a great time in the city.

Must go plan a Birthday!!! :)


Susie said...

You have plenty of pictures and you got to see Cloud Gate- m heart is swooning!

Amy said...

You guys do such awesomw stuff! Looks like a fun weekend!

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