Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love These Boys!

Lucas received a few Home Depot gift cards from Uncle Eric and Uncle Brian so he learned all about a little shopping spree. We came home with a new sprinkler, ear protection and his very own tool box.
There's my old toddler those cheeks!
To put everything to test, Daddy and Lucas build a bird house.
Daddy's so brave!
Before nap, we had a little extra energy to run off. Lucas was a fast jet and ran around the trees super fast. He wanted to go around 100 times...I think we made it to 50 and it was nap time by that point. Axel had a blast and his new thing is sticking his tongue out. He still loves watching everything Lucas does.
Checking out the grass was way cool too!
It worked, we had one tired 4 year old.
Don't forget bath time. I've been meaning to take photos of bath time for awhile now and need to get some more. The boys LOVE bath time!

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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