Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tooth & A Puzzle

We have a tooth! Axel has been working hard and his first tooth finally broke through a few days ago. Getting a photo of the tooth is nearly impossible these days but when it get's a little bigger we may have some better luck. :)


On another note, Lucas received a birthday package in the mail yesterday from Uncle Dan & Aunt Jen. It was a beautiful handmade puzzle from Alaska. (Photo courtesy of Ben Schneider)

The artist is Ben Schneider and he sells his work on Etsy, a wonderful online network for homemade items. If you are looking for an outdoor themed, homemade gift for a young child you should really check out his work! He has mountains, fish, plants and animal designs.

Click here to see his work: Eagle River Puzzles

He also lives in a yurt and has a wonderful blog about their yurt adventures: An Alaskan Yurt Family

Thank you Uncle Dan and family for introducing us to the Schneider's. Thank you Ben, you do wonderful work! Lucas LOVES the puzzle and it's so nice to be able to support a small family business.

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Amy said...

You're in WY?! That's just down the road from us! :-) You should swing through Montana. I must say, Sept in this state is gorgeous. . . almost my favorite month here.

Can't wait to hear (well, read) about all your adventures when you get back!

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