Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday!

That's right, Axel is now 6 months old!! He had his check up today and all checks out. He's slowing down on the growing and getting more active so he's now in the 57th percentile and my arms are happy. :)
Here are a few things he's been doing:
- Weighs: 17lbs 6oz
- Height: 25 inches
- Sits by himself now
- Loves digging for toys in the toy baskets
- Overall, he is a really good traveler but when he wants to eat he tells us all about it. He can tell when the car stops and expects to get out of his seat when he's hungry. However, he doesn't understand stop lights just yet and they only make him mad. (We figured this out yesterday on the way home from Chicago when he screamed at us every time we stopped as we got closer to home)
- Get's very serious about new toys and stuffed animals
- Get's mad if you take things away
- Loves things that can hurt him...of course...plastic bags, paper, hot tea, toaster over, etc.
- Mr. Smiley... Axel is a happy camper for sure.
- Loves to flirt. Once eye contact is made, the smile comes out and the fingers are inserted into the smile mouth and eye contact continues.
- Loved rice cereal for about a week and now wants nothing to do with the spoon or eating. Boobie only please.
- He didn't cry during his shots today. So brave! (Great nurse helped too!)
- Not crawling but learning to scoot and roll around to get where he wants
- Mommy's boy and wants to be held by Mommy if she's in sight
- Still loves to stare and smile at Daddy
- Also loves to watch Lucas' every move. Lucas can make him roll with laughter.
- Fits into 9 -12 month clothes just fine
- Loves to play with his new found friend hidden under his diaper. This makes it very interesting when poo is involved. Diaper off...hand straight down for his new friend. Boys I tell ya....
- Slept the whole night last night but usually wakes up once for extra calories
- Loves to sleep in but is always happy when he wakes up
- Takes two long naps a day on good days. Sometimes decides to take 5 small naps to drive
Mommy and Daddy crazy. :) I guess you can do that when you're the boss.
-Loves to stand up with help so he can see the world

And here's a view of our house these days...if only we had one more room: THE PLAY ROOM. :)

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