Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LM&M Railroad: Train Ride

The birthday continues...
Lucas & Axel got to ride a real train when we went to Lebanon, OH. We heard that Clifford The Big Red Dog was coming to town so we decided to join in the fun.

Here comes the train.
It was even Lucas' favorite color and much bigger than he expected.
A real Train Conductor and of course, a real train sound with his new whistle.
Two big boys getting ready to go.
The train starts moving...
and is a little shaky at times too. :)
We checked out the open air car although our favorite was sitting inside with no seat belts.
After a 30 minute ride, we stopped at a park to meet Clifford. Lucas kept a healthy distance at first to check everything out.
However, he quickly warmed up to Clifford.
Little park fun...
and a story too.Then, back on the train for the ride back. Axel loved the fresh air and checking out the window.
Bubble Gum + New Whistle + Red Train = Happy 4 Year Old!
He's a REALLY FAST train too!
Can't forget about the Caboose.
And, our very own ice cream cone!
What a great day!
"Mommy, I really liked that train ride!" -Lucas


Amie S said...

Hi Janelle! Too funny, we met again on the LM&M train, turns out we have mutual friends ... the Shertzers! She mentioned that a friend of her's went on the train recently and saw Clifford and posted about it ... my son is in one of your pics and your son is in one of mine :)

Take care
Amie Stryker
see blog at

Amy said...

I'm glad Amie just posted on here and I'm glad that you guys met! I thought it was cool that I saw the railroad pics on your blog, then clicked over to her blog and saw them in the same place. Only later did I realize that Lucas was sitting right next to Grant during the story time. How fun!

Such a small world!

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