Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Look who turned FOUR! That's right, Lucas Danger is four year old and I can't believe it. Either can he apparently. He's asked me about twenty times, "Mommy, am I really four?...Right now? I'm four right now?!"

Yes my son, you are four and if we're not careful, you'll be a teenager before we know it! We had a wonderful birthday celebration.

Lucas had a few birthday wishes:
1. Eat cake & ice cream BEFORE dinner
2. Cake had to have strawberries on top and look like the one on the cake container
3. There had to be candles on the cake to blow out
4. He made sure to double check that we would all sing "Happy Birthday" sweet.
5. Oh, and open presents too!

Mommy & Daddy added a few extra things like decorations, balloons, and a trip to Boonshoft which is the Dayton Children Museum.

Axel left Lucas a present on the couch for early morning present opening to start off the day. He's a great little brother who loves his big brother so much.
The birthday was off to a start!Having Daddy join us was a real treat. When I take the boys by myself, Lucas is a little limited in some of the activities that require help from an adult. Not today...Daddy made it all possible!
He had fun doing it too. :)
I just love turtles.
A little surprise at home.
Balloons too! Mike has been working hard to make sure Lucas knows all about Star Wars. It's working. Half the time he pretends he's Darth Vader and yes, he even requests to watch the Princess Leia movie.

Axel loves this back pack and I actually use it to go grocery shopping now. Axel in the back pack, Lucas in the CAR cart and we have happy shopping. :) Lucas loves helping me decorate cakes and cupcakes, this was no exception.It had to look like the one in the photo. Who would have thought this would be the dream cake for a four year old. I'm glad he showed me the photo because I was on the wrong track when he said he wanted a strawberry cake.

Here's the cake he must have been dreaming about for a year now.
Trick candles...they worked pretty good!
Looks like that cake worked good too. :)
Present time!Lookie there...a Guitar and Microphone Stand and One Happy Birthday Boy!
Part of Lucas' audience...
He hasn't decided if he's left or right handed when it comes to the guitar. I think it all just depends on which hand he picks it up with. :)
Accessories too...thanks Uncle Mark & Aunt Kate.
Our other little performer didn't want to miss out. Uncle Brian should be very proud of musically intrigued boys. :)
Still just as exciting before bed! Lucas performed for the family and sang a wonderful song that went a little like this:

"I'm so happy it's my birthday, I'm so happy that it's my birthday now, I'm so happy it's my birthday" (repeat chorus 20 times).
Lucas, we are so happy that you had a Happy Birthday. We love you so much...ALWAYS & FOREVER!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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Susie said...

What a celebration for a special little guy! Can you make my next birthday cake- Lucas' looks so amazingly YUMMY!

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